Multi Theft Auto

Multi Theft Auto
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Web console
In the admin center you will also find a live web console...
Online FileManager
Automatic tasks and updates
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Task scheduler

You can schedule automatic restarts, in-game messages or updates

Web console

You can view the current events on the server online!

Log Manager

Automatic listing of server logs including the possibility of their current preview.

Graph of server activity and usage

You can look back up to 30 days to see a graphical display of server activity and resource usage

Powerful Hardware

All gaming servers are hosted on Ryzen 3900X,5900X and 7950X3D CPUs
NVMe SSD up to10000MB/s

Google Drive & FTP

The server is automatically accessed via FTP and can be backed up to Google Drive


MySQL database for every server for free!

One CLICK updates

Updates to the latest builds, including Nightly on click without having to manually upload anything to the server

Server backup and recovery

Server backup and restore is completely automatic, of course you can set when and how often it will be backed up.

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