Minecraft server
Want your own Minecraft server?
See what we can offer you
From €2.00/month
Web Administration
You can manage your server completely online!
Automatic API installation
Spigot, PaperSpigot and others....
Thousands of plugins to install at the click of a button!
Direct access to the BukGet database...
Web console
There is also a live web console in the admin center...
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Powerful Hardware

All gaming servers are hosted on Ryzen 3900X, 5900X and 7950X3D/7900X CPU
NVMe SSD up to 10000MB/s

FTP Access

The server is automatically accessed via FTP


MySQL database for every server for free!

Unlimited slots

We are not going to limit you in any way, we will set any number of slots for you

Best price/performance ratio

Naše cena je v poměru k výkonu (RAM/CPU/SSD) nejlepší na trhu
Pokud najdeš lepší, napiš nám!

FREE Bungee Server

If you have 2 or more Minecraft servers with us and you need a Bungee Server, contact us and we will assign it to you for free.

Direct connection to CURSE and BukGet

Automatic download of modifications, whole modpacks in one click. You can see for yourself in the presentation

Change version on click

You need an older version? Or perhaps a completely different version of the server? (Paper, Spigot, Bukkit, Vanilla, etc...) You select, click and play

See below how easy it is!

installing mods gif


Direct connection of server administration to the BukGet database
Click, install and play!

Mod/Pack Manager

Installing modifications or entire modpacks is also a breeze with us!

installing mods gif
installing updates gif

Change of version

Do you want to change to a different server version? or the entire server type? Paper? Spigot? Bukkit? Vanilla?
It's a quickie with us!

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