ARK Survival Evolved

ARK Survival Evolved
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Steam Workshop Browser
No more entering ModID, just select the mode and click install!
ArkAPI and plugins
If you are serious about your server, you definitely need plugins.
Choose, click install and play!
Web console
There is also a live web console in the admin center...
Online FileManager
Automatic tasks and updates
Online statistics
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We do not limit RAM

A major advantage of our hosting is that we do not have a limit on RAM, so you are no longer waiting for any extra charges, so that the server works as it should

We do not limit the use of the DISK

The second major advantage is that even if you need more space, for example for modifications, plugins or something else that is necessary for the operation of your server, you do not have to pay extra

Powerful Hardware

All gaming servers are hosted on Ryzen 3900X, 5900X and 7950X3D/7900X CPU
NVMe SSD up to 10000MB/s

Google Drive & FTP

The server is automatically accessed via FTP and can be backed up to Google Drive


MySQL database for every server for free!

ArkApi + Plugins

Automatic one-click installation of ArkApi and the most used plugins

Connecting servers

Of course, you can also connect your servers even if you have them divided between 3900X, 5900X and 7900X machines

KALS CrossChat

Pre-built integration for connecting chat on your servers

Prepared scripts

Automatic in-game deductions on server shutdown/restart


You can back up your server manually or set up automatic backups up to 10 days in advance

See below how easy it is!

installing plugins gif

Mod Manager

One-click installation of selected modifications from ARKApi.


Integrated SteamWorkshop browser, modifications installed on click!

installing mods gif

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