Medieval Engineers

Medieval Engineers
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Steam Workshop Browser
No more entering ModID, just select the mode and click install!
Web console
There is also a live web console in the admin center...
Online FileManager
Automatic tasks and updates
Online statistics
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Task scheduler

You can schedule automatic restarts, in-game messages or updates

Web console

You can view the current events on the server online!

Community Edition

One-click installation of the Community edition

Graph of server activity and usage

You can look back up to 30 days to see a graphical display of server activity and resource usage

Powerful Hardware

All gaming servers are hosted on Ryzen 3900X, 5900X and 7950X3D/7900X CPU
NVMe SSD up to 10000MB/s

Google Drive & FTP

The server is automatically accessed via FTP and can be backed up to Google Drive


MySQL database for every server for free!

Best price/performance ratio

Our price to performance ratio (RAM/CPU/SSD) is the best on the market
If you find a better one, drop us a line!

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